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Our MOTIVATION & DRIVE  is to perpetuate the spirit, love, character and life of Kekoa "Koa" Reece Malulanimekealoha Pagán who lost his brief battle against leukemia at the tender age of 8 years old..


Our GOAL is that children and families not experience childhood cancer.

Our VISION is a world without childhood cancer.


We HONOR Koa's memory and legacy to find answers and bring hope to future generations.


  • KoaStrong Comfort Dogs will provide a unique interaction for children battling cancer.

  • Annual Baseball Skills Camp to connect with local community and Koa's friends.

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a world without cancer must begin with the prevention of childhood cancer

learn more about childhood cancer

  • Childhood cancer screenings do not exist, making early detection nearly impossible.

  • Childhood cancer incidence has been increasing for the past 40 years.

  • It is estimated that nearly 17,000 children in the US will get cancer in 2024.

  • The causes of childhood cancers are still not well understood underscoring the need for more research in this spectrum of the disease.

  • Innovative research on cures are improving survival rates but not without lifelong side effects.

  • Only 6 new drugs have been approved exclusively for childhood cancer in the past 3 decades.

  • Despite advances in medicine, some types of childhood cancer remain incurable.

  • In the US, every 28 minutes, a familyʻs life is forever changed by the devastating words "your child has cancer."

change is necessary

our values

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We vow to be courageous as a grassroots foundation in the attack against childhood cancer. We do this on behalf of the many children and families that have been forever and deeply affected by childhood cancer.



We commit with determination in every step forward toward our ultimate mission to end childhood cancer through funding the research that has not yet been done to uncover the causes of why a healthy child gets cancer.

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We will act with transparency in our decisions and communications to ensure honest and open interactions in our commitment to fund research that focuses on cause and prevention of childhood cancer.

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