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How does a healthy child get cancer?

KOASTRONG is a registered 501(c)(3) organization centered on childhood cancer prevention. Children are not protected against childhood cancers. Currently, there are no screenings or early detections for childhood cancers for children, making prevention not possible. 

We strive to further the understanding of what series of circumstances allow a child to move from being healthy to having cancer. The subsequent development and implementation of interventions to prevent primary childhood cancers is our goal.

As the leading disease cause of death for children, it is estimated that more than 16,000 children in the US will get cancer in 2024 and the incidence continues to rise. Worldwide estimates are 570,000 to 600,000 children will get cancer this year, many will go undiagnosed.

Although substantial gains have been made in the treatment of some types of childhood cancers over the past several decades, progress is still limited against many others. Survivors of childhood cancer will experience life long adverse effects, including increased risk of cancers and emotional trauma from the disease and its treatments. More emphasis on the prevention of childhood cancers through research and a multi system approach is necessary to create change in the pediatric oncology landscape.


Please join us to fund crucial research to prevent all forms of childhood cancer.

KOASTRONG dreams of a tomorrow without childhood cancer.

"The causes of most childhood cancers are not known."

National Cancer Institute


KOASTRONG Childhood Cancer Prevention Organization's mission is the primary prevention of childhood cancer through funding research and implementing a multi system approach toward early detection with screenings, prevention through immunizations and genetic testing.


Children deserve to have layers of protection against cancer.

KOASTRONG is dedicated to directing funds to critical research for a better understanding of the causes childhood cancers. 


KOASTRONG believes in the possibility of prevention and thereby, ending childhood cancer while honoring the spirit, life, love and memory of Kekoa "Koa" Pagán.

KOASTRONG is building a community that is proactive, taking an approach that is different, protecting children from cancer with a multi-system framework.


As a grassroots organization, KOASTRONG will work in partnership with established childhood cancer interest organizations and medical research professionals to fund research focused on the primary prevention of childhood cancers. Our resources will pursue the cause of a child getting cancer. We will partner and support charity organizations seeking the same answers about childhood cancer. We seek researchers who are on the cutting edge of discovery in the pediatric oncology specialty. When we prevent childhood cancer, we will end childhood cancer.   

a world without cancer
begins with the
prevention of childhood cancers
koastrong brings hope for
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Thank you for your interest in childhood cancer prevention!


The second annual KOASTRONG BASEBALL CAMP was held on October 15, 2022 at Campbell Little League in Campbell, California. The free baseball skills camp gave 55 youth athletes, ages 7 - 13, the opportunity to learn and practice in a fun, music filled, small baseball town environment. Campbell Police Officers  Buckovic and K9 Koa were on-hand to cheer on the athletes and coaches, as well as demonstrate their skills. A drawing was held after the skills camp as a fundraiser for the Kekoa Pagán Scholarship fund which subsidizes registration fees for families in need.

Our Team

Collaboration and passion are the spirit of the KOASTRONG organization. Our team has a dream and a vision of a world without childhood cancers.


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